Meet the faces of AAGZ


All pups listed are available for adoption within Guangzhou, China, USA, and Canada (unless otherwise stated).

China Adoptions:

If you are in the Guangzhou area, please consider fostering or adopting a pup. Help us free up the shelter by fostering a pup and preparing them for adoption — Apply today AAGZ Foster Form. Give a pup their happily-ever-after, loving forever home — Apply today AAGZ Adoption Form. Please email all completed applications, and they will be reviewed. Approved applications will then go through our screening process for final approval.

USA or Canada Adoptions:

If you are not in China and would like to adopt a pup abroad, please contact us directly to inquire about the adoption process & fees. Fees range from $700 – $1,100 to cover their travel expenses. Let us know where you are located, which pup you are interested in, if you are able to cover the adoption fees, and if you currently volunteer with a local dog rescue.


Available for adoption



Butch (fostered)




Cassidy (fostered)










Iris is our longest resident at AAGZ. She is about 4 years old and was rescued from the 2017 meat truck. She has overcome CDV and being severely impaled. Iris has worked through a lot of trauma and is now trying hard to make friends.


Jasmin (fostered)

Still undergoing treatment/rehabilitation.



Little John





Luna came from a government pound in Shenzhen. She came to us extremely malnourished and afraid of humans. She is still shy, but has started trusting humans again. She shows zero aggression and is not possessive. She is great with dogs and cats.


Paco (fostered / pending adoption in UK)

Paco was found badly injured and beaten in a storm drain. Despite his loss of sight in one eye, he is thriving in his foster home. Paco is a male shiba inu mix about 3 years old and weighing about 35 pounds. He is available for adoption in China, USA, and Canada.



Mia is the mama-figure of our pups. She would be perfect on a farm-land where she could have lots of space to run.












Mitzy needs long walks and a higher calorie diet.



Mr. Waffles













Onyx was rescued off a meat truck in 2019. He was hung and beaten, so now he doesn’t like being pulled by the leash too much. He’s made huge progress since he’s staying in the shelter for long time. He used to refuse to go out last year but now he can run along with other dogs. He is very gentle with humans, but can be a little picky about other pups.



Rasta was found as a stray in terrible conditions. He is an enthusiastic fellow who is full of excitement. Rasta is a male jindo/collie mix about 3 years old and weighing about 30 pounds. He is available for adoption in China, USA, and Canada.


Rama (pending adoption)





Abandoned and turned into AAGZ by a local vet. He is a good boy on his own and listens to you when you call. He gets really excited about food. This pup will do well with a family who can give him all the attention and training he deserves.


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Available for rescues only (to continue rehabilitation)


Black Beauty (rescue only)

Black Beauty is a stunning 5 year old female shepherd who was rescued from a meat truck in 2018. She has overcome so much despite her being severely abused before. She is still learning to trust people, but when she does she is loyal and affectionate as ever.


Dante (rescue only)

Dante is a handsome 8 year old wolfhound mix, and a survivor of CDV and CPV. He is a large character, who has a huge love for life. He was rescued from a meat truck in 2018 and is one of our biggest success stories.


Flash (fostered)

Flash came to us unable to use his two back legs. Now his wounds have healed and his necrosis removed. He has regained some use in his back legs and can now kick! We hope in time he will be able to walk again.


Gill (rescue only)

Gill is a spunky little 4 year old boy who was rescued from the 2018 meat truck, and is a survivor of CDV. He doesn’t have 100% vision, but thanks to the hard work of vets he can see. He is currently still learning to trust again. Gill would be great in a home with no other animals or children.


LT (rescue only)

LT was rescued off a meat truck in 2018. She needs extended time to adjust. She was severly abused and is hesitant with being touched. She has a condition where she’s aggressive to her own rear leg. LT needs alot of training still, she is the usual food and toy possessive, but also still working on CDV damage.


Not ready


Celia (not ready)

Celia is still learning to trust people after her traumatic experience of being on a Yulin meat truck. She is a sweet, timid, 3 year old girl who loves to be hand fed.


Kit (not ready)

Kit was rescued off a meat truck in 2018 with long term broken bones. She is a very timid young girl who is now in good health and walking. She still needs time to learn how to trust people.


Lizzy (not ready)

Still undergoing treatment/rehabilitation.



Scout (not ready)

Still undergoing treatment/rehabilitation.



Stardust (not ready)

Still undergoing treatment/rehabilitation.




Gizmo (not ready)

Still undergoing treatment/rehabilitation.



Hope (not ready)

Still undergoing treatment/rehabilitation.