How we began

It started in June 2017, when the interception of a meat truck occurred. The truck was carrying over 1000 dogs and cats to the city of Yulin, China for the annual Dog Meat Festival. The truck was stopped by Chinese animal activists in the suburbs of Guangzhou, China where volunteers met to help save as many of the dogs and cats as possible. It was then that AAGZ was formed with a handful of foreigners who did not know each other at the time, but shared the same passion of saving animals.

Seeing the animals in unbearable conditions, sick, malnourished and many dying on front of us, was absolutely heart wrenching. We decided then and there that we wouldn’t walk away without taking as many animals as we could. Since we were such a small group at the time, we were only able to save roughly 30 dogs. Most of the dogs from our first rescue have been successfully re-homed in China and America, and we still continue rescuing any animal in need.

A day in the life of AAGZ

A typical day at our shelter starts with cleaning the floors and walking each dog, followed by giving all the animals food and water. Cleaning takes hours to complete as there are over 40 cages/rooms that need to be scrubbed. On a good day we have more than one volunteer so while someone does the cleaning, the other walks each dog. We do our best to focus the dogs on socializing with humans and other animals, so that they are friendlier on all levels. Volunteers are vital for the every day running of the shelter as we need multiple people assisting on each daily duty.

When there is a report of an animal in need, we coordinate pick-up with the contact who found the animal. We make sure that an experienced rescuer does the capture of the animal as they are usually frightened and can act defensively, possibly putting a person in danger. We make sure that both the rescuer and animals stay safe. Once the animal is contained, we coordinate transport and the vet visit for testing. All of this taking time, money, and volunteers.

If we are at a meat truck site, we primarily help with assessing, treating and feeding the dogs. We also assist veterinarians to clean wounds, give medicine, and test for contagious diseases such as Canine Parvo Virus (CPV) and Canine Distemper Virus (CDV). It is never easy being there, and it is usually chaotic. Again, a lot of coordination for volunteers is needed. Medical treatment is always needed and basic care is vital to ensure we save as many dogs as possible.

About the animals of AAGZ

Our group specializes in trauma cases. Whilst there are many strays around Guanzghou, we have to focus on the ones who don’t stand a chance of surviving without intervention. For example, dogs who have been hit by cars and left, kittens abandoned by their mother, or a pet who was abused and left behind. The dogs we save from meat trucks are also all trauma cases and bound for certain death, so we know we have to step in. Their cases are so severe that it takes a lot of money and time to save them, but each life matters and is so precious. We simply cannot walk away for them to die or become someone’s meal.

The AAGZ Team

There are currently 17 humans on our AAGZ team — all of which have full-time jobs, do not make profit from AAGZ, and put in countless hours and funds to keep our pups safe. We have the core team in China who rescue the animals, run the shelter, and handle all logistics. We also have a core team in America who handle our online marketing, dog transportation, and adoptions in the USA. We also have 200+ volunteers who support us in Guangzhou. We appreciate them so much!

Each one of our team and volunteers is vital to the survival of AAGZ and all the animals we save. Many thanks to everyone involved for spreading awareness, fundraising, volunteering your time, fostering/adopting, and for sharing your love for animals.


這個項目從2017年6月志願者們攔截了一輛狗車開始。這兩狗車裝滿了超過1000隻將要被運 送至玉林市的貓狗,用於慶祝一年一度的狗肉節。志願者們在中國廣州市郊截停了這兩狗車,並盡他們的可能救下最多的貓狗。AAGZ(Animal Action Guangzhou廣州拯救動物組織)就在那個時候,由一群互不認識但是一心想要救助動物的外國友人建立。